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Commentary on the differences between 30 years in SF and 2 years in upstate NY


Thursday, February 07, 2002

I lived in San Francisco and Berkeley from 1971 to 2000. Now I live in Upstate New York. "Upstate" in this case means rural ... very rural. I used to spend 75% of my net income on rent and utilities; now I spend 25% of my net income on utilities and a mortgage. This makes me happy. There are myriad other differences between big city life and little village life. I want to write about them. Thus, this blog. My first post will be about cows, THE icon of country living. Cows are odd, mysterious, unfathomable creatures. Really, they are -- I've studied them; only from a distance so far (I haven't yet worked up the nerve to convince a farmer to let me "watch" his cows), and I've observed a lot. But first I have to run home and get the article out of my "maybe I'll publish this some day" file. (In SF, one could never "run home" to pick up something; you simply took the rest of the day off because getting home and then back to the office would have taken half the day and all of your energy.)

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